Swiss Best Omega Fake Watches Played A Special Role In World War II

Military US AAA replica watches are plenty cool for their utilitarian design, hard use case and often limited production, but they’re not the only subset of horological wares deserving of historical interest.

The Omega Suveran (“Sovereign” in Swedish) is one such 1:1 cheap fake watches that deserves a closer look by the collector community — and indeed, anyone with a glancing interest in the Second World War. This interesting model, produced by Swiss top Omega replica watches exclusively for sale by the Swedish government, was used to partially fund the country’s economy during the war. That’s right: it’s a sort of like a horological equivalent to war bonds.

Available in numerous dial configurations, the Suveran was housed in a roughly 35mm anti-magnetic stainless steel case with a screw down back, which bore either the “SUVERAN” signature in a startlingly modern typeface, or the words “ANTIMAGNETISK, VATTENTAT, STÖTSKYDDAD (“anti-magnetic, waterproof, shockproof”). Powered by the manually wound, 15-jewel wholesale fake Omega cal. 30T2 PC AM, a version of the vaulted 30T2 with the addition of Incabloc shock protection, it was a highly attractive, simple workhorse of high quality replica watches.

Different dial designs included black, military-style faces with blocky Arabic numerals; white dials with Roman numerals and a dressier aspect; black and white “tuxedo” dials; and numerous others. (They would, of course, have featured radium on luminous models.) Most seemed to have featured pencil hands, though perhaps a few used leaf hands. All featured a sub-seconds display within a sub-register at 6 o’clock and shipped, most likely, on a plain leather strap.

Most references have a ref. number of 2400-X (i.e. 2400-1; 2400-5, etc.) and a production date of between 1943 and 1945. While exact production quantities are unknown, production is certainly fairly limited considering the use case, which was exclusively for the Swedish government. Prices have certainly increased in the past several years with the increasing mania for both vintage and military Swiss made Omega copy watches, but the fact that you can obtain such a fascinating (and unique) bit of horological and WWII history for between $1,500 and $3,000 — that isn’t necessarily military super clone watches for sale meant for soldering — is pretty darn cool, if you ask us.

Can The 2021 Cheap US Fake Omega Speedmaster Moon Watches Professional Still Be Considered Moon Watches?

In getting right to the point regarding the latest Speedmaster released by luxury Omega replica watches earlier this year, the short answer is quite simply “no”. Strictly speaking, the Speedmasters that were worn on the moon were references 105.003, 105.012, and 145.012. These Swiss made replica watches were equipped with the iconic caliber 321 chronograph movement, and hold a number of differences to the most modern reference of today. So, when interpreting this question in the strictest possible sense, it would be only those three references that could be considered true Moon fake watches online. However, a broader understanding allows for some wiggle room for where we can apply the term.

Is the Omega Speedmaster Professional still Moon replica watches?

Let’s have a closer look at the evolution of the Speedmaster Professional and see if this chronograph still has Moon 1:1 Swiss fake watches bragging rights.

The successor to the 4th generation of Speedmasters (ref. 105.012 and 145.012), the Speedmaster Professional reference 145.022, was introduced in 1968 and featured some small changes. For example, on the dial (except for the first iteration of the 145.022) where there was no more applied logo. The hands were also different, but the most important change was a new movement. It was equipped with caliber 861. Instead of a column-wheel mechanism, caliber 861 uses a shuttle-cam system for the chronograph operation. Also, the frequency increased from 18,000 vph to 21,600 vph for higher stability (and therefore accuracy). Interestingly, this Swiss movements replica watches was never shipped to NASA for use during Apollo missions. Only the caliber 321 models of that time were sent to NASA.

Evolution of Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches

Although the new Speedmaster Professional 145.022 was near the moon in 1972, when used onboard during Apollo 17, it wasn’t actually worn on the moon. In 1978, the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 was qualified for use during the Space Shuttle missions that started in 1981. This qualification came after a series of tests that were like the original tests from 1965 (we listed them here). The big difference was that the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 was tested by AAA top Omega fake watches, but according to the same framework set by NASA. For the nay-sayers that don’t think the current Speedmaster Professional is Moon cheap US fake watches or should have the “Flight-Qualified by NASA” text engraved, the 145.022 with its similar engraving wasn’t tested or qualified until 1978 while the engraving was used from 1969 onwards.

Interesting to note is that Omega only sent a batch of 56 of these best replica Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 watches, with the “radial dial”, for use during the Space Shuttle program. Later on, NASA started using Omega Speedmaster X-33 fake watches for sale. Roscosmos started giving the Speedmaster Professional to its cosmonauts as well, and later on added the Speedmaster X-33. Today, all astronauts and cosmonauts who leave earth via Russian ground receive both perfect copy watches.

The caliber 1861 makes its debut

Until 1996, Omega used caliber 861 for the high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watches. There were some exceptions, however. Such as the more nicely decorated 863 movements and the chronometer-certified caliber 864 movements. Also part of the exception is the caliber 866 with an additional moon phase and calendar complication. After that, wholesale Omega fake watches started using caliber 1861. This movement was nearly identical to the very last iteration of the caliber 861 (there’s some degree of variation in this movement from its introduction until its discontinuation). The movement had a rhodium finish and an extra jewel (also there in the last iteration of caliber 861) but still used the Delrin brake, for example.

The specifications also didn’t really change. The layout of the chronograph remained the same and the performance was also within -1/+11 seconds per day on average. This fake watches store has not been used on the moon, but the best quality replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watches caliber 1861 has been used in space, as described above. I never found much discussion on the fact this cheap US fake watches was called the Moon watches without having ever been on the moon. It also never went up for testing or qualification by NASA for any space program. You might say that the differences between the 861 and 1861 calibers are so small, they can be neglected for the purpose of this article.

Caliber 3861, still Moon fake watches enough?

Now, enter 2021. Luxury replica Omega watches introduces the new Speedmaster Professional reference 310. (version with the Hesalite) and three other variations. Omega brought back the exact same case design as the reference 105.12, a step-dial, the Dot-Over-Ninety bezel, the typical drop-counterweight chronograph second’s hand, and the case back with an extra bevel. You can read about the biggest changes compared to its predecessor here. But in general, the new caliber 3861 triggered the discussion of whether this AAA best replica watches can be called Moonwatches.

This movement is based on Omega’s caliber 1861, which is in its turn based on the Lemania 1871. The layout of the movement remained the same (very important, also for the dial design), with subdials that are exactly 6.7mm from the center pinion, for example. The movement received a new (Co-Axial escapement) and it uses parts of non-magnetic alloys to meet the Master Chronometer requirement for being anti-magnetic up to > 15,000 gauss.

Now, although NASA didn’t ask for new perfect quality fake watches (yet), the Omega Speedmaster Professional with caliber 3861 has been tested against the same standards that were used for the previous qualification. And even though it was a short ride, the Blue Origin crew did wear the new 1:1 best replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches in space.

Is the replica Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 Moon watches?

Let me add another Speedmaster to the mix. Omega introduced its Speedmaster Calibre 321 reference 311. last year, and it is inspired by the Speedmaster reference 105.003 worn by astronauts like Ed White. The 105.003 was also the last replica watches store worn on the Moon, on the wrist of Gene Cernan. His top quality super clone watches — now in the Omega Museum in Biel — was scanned (using tomography) to retrieve CAD files for rebuilding the exact same wholesale fake watches (and caliber 321).

Is the Speedmaster Calibre 321 therefore more worthy of the Moon replica watches with Swiss movements name? If the movement is holding you back when it comes to calling the new Speedmaster Professional Moon watches, it shouldn’t be the case for the Speedmaster Calibre 321. Admittedly, the new “105.003” uses a sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel, components that were different from the original US fake watches with this reference. But would these small changes be enough to strip it of its title?

Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watches

Now that I’ve drawn a quick picture of the Moon AAA perfect replica watches and its evolution, does it change the short answer I had at the beginning of the article? Well, technically speaking it is still not the Moonwatches. I would say that this is reserved for the Speedmaster references 105.003, 105.012, and 145.012. But I am totally fine with calling this cheap quality knockoff watches Moonwatches. It is a direct descendent of the Moonwatches, and its new design shares more design cues with the Omega Speedmaster replica watches for men from the 1960s than the previous contemporary references did. It’s a tribute to those Speedmasters that were used on the Moon, and aside from the movement, it comes pretty darn close. So I put it up to you — should the Moonwatches title be granted to the new best Swiss Omega Speedmaster fake watches? Let me know in the comments below.

WASP 9.9 – Olympic Highlights And Vinatge AAA Omega Flightmaster Replica Watches US

The boys are back in town after a desperately long hiatus. We’ve plugged in the fridge and switched on the freezer — Balazs and I are back and this week we have our top Olympic moments and some awesome vintage perfect US replica Omega watches purchases to share with you.

We decided to choose our bronze, silver, and gold performers/moments from the Olympics this year, to round off what turned out to be a pretty darn exciting edition of the greatest sporting carnival of all. Normally, I don’t reveal much about the show in my notes, but for posterity, I thought it best that I note down the picks for all those that don’t have time to listen to the pod but might like to offer their own suggestions in the comments below. The classic best quality fake Omega Flightmaster watches are worth recommending and collecting.


Bronze: on the third step, Balazs placed Annika Schleu of Germany. The talented pentathlete already has six world and three European golds to her name, but she was desperately seeking the Olympic title to add to her haul. In the prime of her career, she looked set to snare it when, in the last round of the modern pentathlon, her horse (an animal unfamiliar to her as per the somewhat puzzling rules) refused to do as she instructed. Distraught, Schleu fell out of contention with her British rival going on to snare gold. Balazs felt sorry for Schleu and her experience inspired a very interesting discussion on the rules of the modern pentathlon.

Silver: one of the most heartwarming moments of the games was also one of the most controversial…at least in Rob’s opinion. The men’s high-jump competition ended with the Italian and Qatari competitors agreeing to share the gold, having achieved identical records up until that point. The world rejoiced; Rob grumbled about bloodlust or something or other… Check out his full gripe on the show.

Gold: a proud Hungarian, it is somewhat unsurprising Balazs chose one of his countrymen for the gold medal position. But this was more than a patriotic nod. Áron Szilágyi became the only male fencer in Olympic history to win three golds, which he has done in the last three games. Still only 31 with just three years until the next games in Paris, it isn’t impossible Szilágyi will still be around to contest a fourth Olympics.

Rob (me)

Bronze: My bronze position goes to national treasure, Tom Daley. Not so much for (finally) winning the gold medal Rob was thrilled to see him snare, but more for chilling out in the crowd of the women’s event, knitting. We’ve decided Tom Daley should knit us big purple WASP sweaters to wear while presenting (it gets cold when you’re a fridge and/or freezer) and also “horse cozies” to keep annoying horses calm in the modern pentathlon.

Silver: love can find us when we least expect it. My silver medal goes to one of my heroes and most muscular crushes, Lisa Carrington. The indomitable New Zealander is the finest kayaker on planet Earth right now, and her destruction of the field in no less than three separate events proves that. I happen to be a keen kayaker myself, and while I’m not worthy to clean Carrington’s paddle, I’d gladly offer my services if she ever needed a lackey to cheer her on at races.

Gold: just as Tomas recently flouted the rules in the Summer Splash and was allowed to compete regardless, I too will bend the rules here. I’m giving my golden moment to one event: the 400m hurdles. The men’s and the women’s finals were mind-blowing. World-class performances abounded. If you want to know exactly what went down, listen to the pod. It’s a lot of fun! You can appreciate the 1:1 top copy Omega Flightmaster watches.

This is a vintage 1970 stainless steel Omega Flightmaster replica watches online, reference 145.013. It has an integral high quality Omega fake watches stainless steel 1162 oval-link bracelet with a signed double deployant clasp, and a tempered mineral glass crystal that’s sealed with a unique jointing system against extreme drops in air pressure. There is a screw-down case back engraved with the Flightmaster logo (a DC-8 super 61 jet). The 43mm by 52mm solid two-body case, hooded lugs, rounded bezel and bracelet are polished/brushed. The color-coding on the pushers and crowns has worn. There is a rotating 60-minute inner bezel controlled by the winding crown between 8 and 9 o’clock, and the crown at 10 o’clock adjusts the blue GMT second time zone hand. There is a 12-hour totalizer at 6 o’clock, and a 30-minute register at 3 o’clock. There is a 24-hour subsidiary dial with day/night colors at 9 o’clock. The original black, anthracite, and silver dial is in perfect condition, with revolving 60-minute ring on a black reserve, and a white checkerboard 1/5 timing scale. There are luminous yellow stick baton hour markers, luminous white baton hands for the timing function, and a center sweep orange chronograph hand. The 16mm thick case, dial, and movement are all signed.

The mechanical manual winding luxury replica Omega caliber 910 (based on caliber 861) movement is copper-colored. It’s constructed with 17 jewels, a shock absorber mechanism, and a straight-line lever escapement. It includes a monometallic balance, a self-compensating flat balance spring, and an index regulator. The mechanism oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vph (3 Hz).

Top US super clone Omega Flightmaster watches, reference 145.013, was milled from a single block of Swedish stainless steel, with the upper case being pressed and tempered sixteen times before its elliptical shape. It was produced from 1969 through the early 1970’s.

Hands-On Quality Fake Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 Officer’s Chronograph Watches US

The practical best replica Omega Museum Collection is an interesting assembly of timepieces. The idea is simple and something other brands also implement; let’s take some of the most iconic designs of the company’s past and rerelease them, updated to modern standards. You can look at these watches as simple reeditions. But they’re more than that, I think. This watch, the Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 Officer’s Chronograph, is a perfect example of that…

For instance, its design, rooted in the 1930s, is not as popular as the first Speedmaster’s or Seamaster 300’s from 1957. The Milestone 1941 has a distinct look. It is something you don’t see anymore. However, a lot of modern watches take inspiration from pieces from a bygone era. Even according to those standards, the ’30s seems a bit outdated. Yet, the piece is a true wrist candy. So, I will try my best to explain to you why.

Fake Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 Watches For Men
Museum Collection

The Museum Collection by perfect fake Omega watches has been around for decades. You might remember the 1938 Aviator Reedition, which was in production between 2000 and 2008. Perhaps my favorite, the square Omega Cosmic Moonphase model from 2002, was a limited edition of 1,951 pieces. The list goes on and on, often featuring reinterpretations of cornerstone models from Omega’s rich past. Yet, for some reason, we tend to overlook them. Just like we did with the Seamaster 1948. However, these timepieces deserve our attention, for they are exceptional in more than one way.
And I’m not the only one to think this way. When I lasted visited the Hague this past September, Jorg and I talked a lot about the Museum Collection. He is a fan, just like me. Subsequently, this article is the result of that chat. Hopefully, it will be the first of many dealing with this model line.

Milestone 1941

You can find three models in Omega’s current Museum Collection. Out of these three, I chose the one that stands out the most. Firstly, it has a black dial, contrary to the light dials on the other two. Not only that, but it’s a military-inspired dial. A rare one in Omega’s line up. In general. Secondly, the case material, albeit looks steel is white gold. The only such material in the Museum Collection. I love this precious metal for its inconspicuousness. Lastly, its overall looks. While the other two models in the collection are rather similar in looks, this one stands out quite a bit. Certainly, a detail many of you appreciate is the swing lugs. Additionally, the Milestone 1941 is the only watch here with flat chronograph pushers. So, it’s safe to say that this is the one that stands out the most in the current line up.

White Gold Fake Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 Watches
Swing lugs

Here’s something you don’t see too often these days. Swing lugs were very common back in the 1930s and early 1940s. However, this trend fell victim to the new wave of wristwatch design. I’m not an expert on the topic. Though I’m guessing that the origin of swing lugs is from trench watches — pocket watches converted to wristwatches used by military officers. In any case, the high quality replica Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 comes with such extravagant lugs. Such a watch went under the hammer during the famous Omega mania Auction in 2007. As the catalog reads, “Lot 78 CHRONOGRAPH WITH TACHOMETER AND TELEMETER” had an estimation of CHF 7,000–10,000. Eventually, the watch sold for CHF 59,000. Our watch here is the spitting image of that vintage piece from 1941 with only a few minor “upgrades,” if you will.
We have a case width of 38.1mm with only 12mm of thickness. Also, the lug-to-lug length is 44.7mm. However, if we take the end of the swing lugs as tips, the measurement is an inflated 55mm. All in all, the Milestone 1941 is a very comfortable watch. It fits perfectly on the wrist, thanks to its flexible lugs.
Due to the white gold case, the watch is a tad heavy. To be precise, it weighs exactly 100g on an 18mm leather strap. While the swing lugs are, of course, articulated, the Milestone 1941 is not as fragile as its vintage counterpart. If you have handled watches from the early 1940s, you might remember how light and delicate they feel. That is not the case with this piece. Omega tried to stay as close to the original in terms of looks as possible. Hence we have a solid case back with only minimal text.

Telemeter and tachymeter

Another part we mentioned above is the dial. Not only the color, but its layout shows a striking resemblance to the vintage piece. Here we have a 2-register chronograph dial with the continuous seconds at 9 and the 30-min counter at 3. Towards the center, you can find the Base 1000 (Tachymeter) scale. This would be used to measure speed. In addition, at the rim of the Milestone 1941’s dial, is a Telemeter scale.
Heavily used by military personnel, this scale would help you determine the distance to remote objects (like artillery). Under the Telemeter scale was the chronograph’s 60-second measure. And only after that came the watch’s indexes with only two numerals, the 12 and 6 being visible. Yes, it looks busy at first glance, but trust me it is not. Thanks to the large cathedral hands, reading the time is super easy on the Milestone 1941.

Swiss Made Fake Omega Museum Collection Milestone 1941 Watches
Chronometer Co-Axial

Although due to the solid white gold case-back we don’t get to gaze upon it, the watch has a special caliber inside. The original 1941 officer’s chronograph was a watch equipped with everything needed at the time. Equally so, this new model had to have a caliber that is state of the art.
In other words, Omega chose to equip the Milestone 1941 with a caliber worth talking about. Inside the timepiece beats Omega’s 3203 caliber. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with this movement. Omega only used them in Museum Collection chronographs. This is a manual-wind, column-wheel chronograph movement with Co-Axial escapement. The 3203 has 55 hours of power reserve, 33 jewels, and 28,800vph. Moreover, the caliber is chronometer-certified. The base is the same Piguet 1285 Omega modified for other calibers. That movement alone is worth its own article.


As you would have it with every Museum Collection watch the Milestone 1941 is limited to only 1,941 pieces. You can find the LE number on the center of the case back. As the watch is still in Omega’s current collection, securing one at an Omega Boutique should not be too difficult. However, this timepiece, as you might have guessed, comes with a hefty price tag.
Due to its precious metal case, limited nature, and overall low production number the price is €17,550. The Milestone 1941 is part of a Collector’s Series. Hence there is a marking on the back which tells us that this edition is number nine. Equally so the red gold chronograph from the Museum Collection is number eight, while the yellow gold chronograph is number ten. In any case, the Milestone 1941 is a lovely timepiece with vintage charm in a modern interpretation.